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Come Into Your Own - Print-on-demand Zine

Come Into Your Own - Print-on-demand Zine

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This is a very personal account of my (Deanna Dionne) inner thoughts and feelings while dealing with the depression, existential rage, and the confusion that comes from exiting a high-control fundamentalist religion. 

The production of this zine is from a print-on-demand service. This means the product is not printed until you order it, and is shipped directly from the printer. This saves up-front costs for me, and potential waste from storing unsold stock. It will take a little longer for you to receive your zine: Plan for about 10 days. If you are worried about your order, please contact me and I can let you know the status. 

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About The Artist - Deanna Dot

Deanna's Studio in the Screw Factory - Lakewood, Ohio Deanna Dionne has been creating brands since 2008. Her most notable accomplishment is founding Cleveland Street Glass, which resulted in her being named Most Interesting Person and Best of Cle by Cleveland Magazine. Deanna discovered design through HTML and CSS, teaching herself website design in the early internet days. She moved to Cleveland for affordable art space, and allows her interest in material, light, color, and balance to drive her art practice.

In 2020 Deanna launched Deanna Dot Store, an e-commerce accompaniment to Deanna's personal brand as an artist. This platform allows her to pursue her artistic interests with print-on-demand products, manufactured short runs such as enamel pins, and one-of-a-kind items. The items are tied together with color, fun, and promoting positive mental health and compassion. 

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Where does the auto glass come from?

When I moved to Cleveland in 2014, my car was broken into within a week. In the next few years, it happened 12 times! So a lot of the glass has been collected from the sidewalk when my and my neighbors' cars were broken into. People have also donated glass from their cars.


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