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You have found yourself on the e-commerce accompaniment to Deanna's personal brand as an artist. This platform allows her to pursue her artistic interests with one-of-a-kind items, print-on-demand products, and manufactured short runs.

Deanna Dionne has been creating brands since 2008. Her most notable accomplishment is founding Cleveland Street Glass, which resulted in her being named Most Interesting Person and Best of Cle by Cleveland Magazine. Deanna discovered design through HTML and CSS, teaching herself website design in the early internet days. She moved to Cleveland for affordable art space, and allows her interest in material, light, color, and balance to drive her art practice.

Watch this space for short runs of enamel pins, one-of-a-kind sculptures and fashion pieces, and print-on-demand products such as t-shirts. The items are tied together with color, fun, and promoting positive mental health and compassion.


When I launched my art jewelry business, Cleveland Street Glass, I noticed something interesting. I was described as a "founder" "maker" "designer" "business-owner" but never as an artist.

It seems as if people are very comfortable saying "buy local" and "support local businesses" but most consumers struggle with the concept of supporting artists, or even calling someone an artist. Why is that?

SO many reasons. 1) Many artists struggle to call themselves artists, due to the myth that artists are renaissance geniuses. 2) "What is art?" in the fine art vs. craft argument. 3) Elitism and Academia. Artists are told that if they didn't go to art school, they aren't artists. Or if they don't exhibit enough, they aren't artists. 4) Perceived value. Art has been made inaccessible and reserved for the elite. 5) Capitalism. Let's tack on the patriarchy while we're at it.

So I'm asserting myself as an artist. We exist.



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